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Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire
Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire
Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire
Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire
Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire
Car Paint Repair Hertfordshire

Air Con Regas Hertford

DC Bodyworx specialises in air conditioning servicing, re-gas, leak detection & air conditioning system repairs.

Regular air conditioning servicing ensures your system is full of coolant, that there is no leaks within the system, that the hoses, seals and pipes are all in working order and that the pressure is correct. This ensures that the air in your car is kept cool, clear and clean.

All air conditioning services at DC Bodyworx include:

A full gas recharge to improve overall performance.

System cleaning to prevent bad smells and odours.

Professional and comprehensive leak investigation.

Advanced fault diagnostics to check for possible future system problems before they ever occur.

The air circulating through your air conditioning system is the air that you and your family will be breathing in whilst travelling inside the vehicle. If it has been some time since your last air conditioning service, or you have purchased a used car & are unsure when this was last performed, we recommend you contact us.

DC Bodyworx will advise you of the fault and an itemised cost of the repair.

Yes, beside cooling the vehicle in the summer months it acts as a dehumidifier in the winter. It will assist to reduce the misting on the inside of the glass on a cold morning. Using the air conditioning system all year round, will help to keep the system lubricated and working efficiently.

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